Some interesting wedding traditions around the world

Irrespective of the tradition, culture, and religion, tying the knot is one of the most special moments of everyone’s life. Each culture has its own unique way to make the day memorable. Whether it is a Sacramento wedding, Chinese wedding, or a Dutch wedding, it remains one of the universal traditions in the world and yet it is celebrated differently in every culture.

Weddings are the special celebration of the love and commitment and the varied traditions are intended to bring the immense joy and prosperity to the couple. Here’s a quick look at some of the cultural wedding traditions in different countries around the world.

  • Tea ceremony at Chinese Weddings

The tea ceremony is one of the most important rituals in every Chinese wedding that equals to taking the wedding vow in western weddings. The tea ceremony begins with the newlyweds kneeling three times to the heaven and earth, to the ancestral tablets and to their respective parents, and finally to each other.

  • Dove release at the Philippines Wedding

Philippines wedding have an interesting tradition at the wedding receptions where the bride and groom release two doves into the air which signifies the hope for a long, happy, peaceful, and harmonious life together.

  • Sake sharing at Japanese Wedding

Japan, known for its rich traditions and a unique culture follows the sake sharing tradition at the weddings where the bride and groom take three sips each from three flat sake cups, followed by the parents doing the same ritual to increase the bonding between the couple and their respective families.

  • Breaking the bell tradition at Guatemala wedding

There is an interesting tradition in the Guatemalan culture where during the wedding reception the mother of the groom breaks a white bell, filled with flour, rice, and grains, as a mark to bring luck and prosperity to welcome the newlyweds to the party.

  • Interesting traditions at Jewish Weddings

Jewish weddings are full of fervor and bright affairs that are marked by amazing traditions. One of the rituals of the Jewish wedding day makes the bride and groom to fast from dawn until they’re married. The couple breaks the fast together after the ceremony and before the festivities in a ceremony called as Yichud.

The list is not exhaustive and there are many interesting wedding traditions in different cultures around the world. The common link remains the fact that the wedding in every culture is all about bringing happiness and prosperity to two people and bring the entire families together. Weddings are, in fact, the only occasion where whole communities gather to celebrate the union of two people.