The meaning of colors in weddings

The importance of colors in any wedding is immense. Starting from the choice of the bridal dress, to floral arrangement, to the wedding decor at the venue, colors play the most important role. Sacramento wedding ideas explore the various hues and combinations of the most vibrant and subtle colors to add to the style, fervor, and lavishness of the wedding.

How colors play out during the wedding

Different wedding colors signify different things and give off different vibes to the occasion and to the couple. The chosen color palette of a wedding decor is the true reflection of the couple’s personality and style and invokes different traditional meanings in the wedding celebrations.

Some of the popular wedding colors and their meanings can be discussed below-

  • Coral or orange: The orange family is perfect for Sacramento weddings and the color portrays happiness, creativity, joy, optimism and flamboyance.
  • Turquoise: Helps to infuse vibrancy, freshness, energy, and lot of fun in your wedding.
  • Pearl or off-white: An upscale and elegant choice that add lot of sophistication to the wedding.
  • Lilac and Lavender: Perfect for summer and spring wedding palettes and usually conveys romance and nostalgia during the special occasion.
  • Blue: One of the most popular wedding colors where more and more brides choose celestial blue and its related shades for spring or summer in Sacramento. The color is all about fun, tranquility, peace, and happiness for the couple.
  • Pink: A perfect color to add playfulness, happiness and cheer in the wedding decor.

Importance of colors in weddings

In floral decor: If a couple is looking for a modern and chic ceremony, Orchids makes a perfect choice symbolizing the love and luxury. Daisies and gypsophila are also a popular choice for brides looking for a pretty bouquet for an innocent and gentle feel.

It is important to choose a floral arrangement that is in sync with the overall theme of the wedding day. There are a number of couples who choose the various themes based on their individual preferences. The Sacramento wedding professionals will make sure that the decor and the floral arrangement is well suited with the chosen theme. For e.g.: for a gorgeous black tie occasion a monochrome palette and rich colors like crimson or dark purple are apt to give a feeling of lavishness. The look can be given more royal touch with the use of silk ribbons and jewels around the floral bouquets for creating a perfect setting.

In venue decor:Just about any Sacramento wedding venue can be turned magical with the interesting use of color patterns. Irrespective of the theme, the flowers, and decor during the wedding day should be chosen in a way that works in harmony with the overall design, color scheme, and pattern of the day.

Understanding the variety of flowers, decor, choice of colors, their meanings, importance etc also helps the couple in deciding on a personalized arrangement and the wedding planner will ensure that the same is done to perfection.