Wedding trends and colors of the year 2017

One of the most important considerations during the wedding preparations is the Color scheme management. Color scheme help in creating a seamless look and finish in every single piece of decor from table linen, decorative items, to flowers during the weddings. A Sacramento wedding professional knows the importance of the working out the color scheme perfectly and incorporating the same as per your individual style and in sync with the floral decor, and wedding style.

The Enchanting Bridal Show provides the perfect opportunity to explore the latest trends and wedding colors for the year 2017. It is the place to get the best deals from the most sought after wedding professionals in the area.

Wedding colors of the year

Colors play an important part in the wedding celebrations. The colors you choose for your wedding day are the true reflection of your personal style.  You might have one color in mind, or the combination of the colors to create a harmonious palette; The Enchanting Bridal Show gives you the much-needed color inspiration for planning your dream wedding.

Below are some of color trends and ideas for the year 2017-

  • Enchanting Plum, ¬†Champagne, Custom Turquoise, and White

Magical and free spirited, these soft color combos are perfect for the beautiful spring weddings.

  • Cool and breezy Ocean, Lavender, Cream Rose, Latte

To put together the most magical Sacramento wedding with these colors, you can feel the warm sea breeze with the interesting palette of ocean blue, soft pink, latte, and lavender in the wedding decor.

  • Eclectic Carnation, Custom Orange, Rainforest, Monaco

If you are planning a late spring Sacramento wedding, it is the perfect time to highlight the gorgeous hues that summer brings along with it. Get imaginative and explore the complementary colors, including poppy pink and tangerine orange that suits the Sacramento modern wedding festivities. Some of these bold colors put together an interesting combination that’s eclectic and gorgeous.

Other interesting wedding color ideas include-

  • Mauve and gray natural
  • Natural white and green
  • Navy coral and gold
  • Peach-gold and green
  • Red and dark Gray
  • Gold burgundy and green
  • Cranberry orange and Ivory

These colors are not only refreshing, stunning, and awakening but also pairs nicely with the softer tones. Whatever your choices and preferences are, make sure to explore these color ideas for the year to create a mellow and happy atmosphere for your special day.